Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Fast & Easy Wall Hanging With Cheap Cabinet Doors

I recently purchased two doors at a garage sale for 25 cents each. Yep, a big ole whoppin’ fifty cents for both of them. I have no idea what they once were part of. But regardless, here they are….


I was thinking of painting them black & using them as picture frames in my kids’ bathroom. Change of plans. I was wanting to do a new blog post but with my boys being sick with a summer cold, along with this mama having way too many projects going on, my new little blog got put on the back burner for a few days. Is blogging something we’re suppose to do all the time? Sheesh. I have so much to learn! So anyway, I’ve decided to make some quick & easy…although no way near perfect wall hangings. They’re going to go above my small hutch in the kitchen.

Small disclaimer: It’s late at night, kids are asleep, mama’s sleepy…so keep this in mind. This is a super quick project here. Way less than 30 minutes! I would have liked to painted the cabinets/doors/whatever they are. But oh well…

Here’s the hutch that they’ll go above (and yes, I have quite *busy* taste)…



I have scrapbook paper lining the back of my hutch so I decided to use the same paper in the doors. Here’s a closeup of the inside of the hutch.




I used this paper, some double-sided tape, scissors (yes, those are my hair-cuttin’ scissors. I grabbed what I could find. Ha.)…




No measuring. Like I said, I did this fassst. Just kinda placed the scrapbook paper in there & folded it.




Here’s a close up after I slapped the scrapbook paper in the doors. That hole where the knob belongs was annoying me.




So I grabbed some trim…




And my glue gun….




Ahh. Much much better. I only put 3 teeny tiny dots of hot glue to hold the trim. This will not be an heirloom or precious piece of art so I’m gonna rip that trim off later & use it again.




I’m likin’ them.





Here they are all done & up on the walls.

Makes my ceiling seem taller. Since I used the same scrapbook paper as in the hutch, it kinda draws the eye upward.

It’ll be fun to change out the paper & trim for fall.







Do I know that those finial things on my curtain rods look really odd? Yes. Yes, I do. I can live with it for now though. Just pretend they’re not sticking out all crazy like. :)


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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Stylin’ Pumpkin Babies

The other day I finally got off my booty & replanted some plants on the porch. While my green thumb was actually in busy mode I started looking for anything that needed to be spruced up, as far as my plants go. I remembered we had a pack of mini pumpkin seeds that we never planted a few months ago. I had these Juicy Couture teacups that I purchased from my favorite thrift shop.They were PENNIES each. Seriously, I think I paid like five cents each for them. Here’s the thing…there’s a small hole in the bottom of each one. I have no idea what these were originally made for. Surely not for drinking tea…or drinking anything for that matter. They were sitting in my hutch in the kitchen for a while (just because they’re so dang cute). Anyway, I had a brilliant idea while on my gardening kick & here they are…the sweetest, most glamorous little planters ya ever did see!
OH! And after three days they’ve already sprouted! I just hope they get big enough for the boys to enjoy by Halloween!
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I love you TJ Maxx

Thursday night my daughter & I decided to make a quick trip to TJ Maxx. So glad we did! Bought more than I should have..but I love what we found! Here ya go….


Cute cupcake liners & picks! Two very Cath Kidston-looking plates. I wish they would have had more but these were the only two they had left. On clearance for $3.00 each. Made by 222 Fifth & I couldn’t find any coordinating pieces. Oh well, I love them & will find some place to display them…or maybe I’ll use them for cake…just for mommy! Ha!


Closeup of the cupcake liners & picks. So freakin’ cute!



I fell in love with this floral bucket. I have no idea what I’ll use it for though. This thing is huge!


I also purchased this pretty floral bowl in the middle. Only one there but I love it.


I also purchased a Star Wars Lego set for my son Tyler’s birthday and some Pink Sugar perfume for my daughter Shana. We also got some shirts on clearance. Most were $3.00 each & super cute! Pretty good night for a quick trip to TJ Maxx. I’m telling ya, I love that place!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Hello Friend….Party. I’m so there!

Sassy Sites is having a Hello Friend Party for new bloggers. How fun!
So I’m jumping in! Here’s some of the questions she has on her blog…
Why did you decide to start blogging?
Although I’m new to blogging, I’ve had a blog for a few years. Just never posted. I kept putting it off until I thought I had enough time. Finally I just said “forget it” & threw together a quick blog post. This was a few days ago. Yes…I said DAYS. I’m learning & making mistakes but it’s been fun so far…the whole THREE blog posts I’ve typed up! Ha! I’ve been reading blogs for years & have had so many ideas that I wanted to blog, woohoo! Now I can!
When you aren't blogging, what are you doing?
Wiping snotty noses, screaming at kids, losing my mind…..just kiddin’. Kind of. I have five kids. Six if you count my hubby…ha! Taking care of them is my full time job. One that makes me cross-eyed at times….but I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else! My family is truly my life! My husband races & we go as a family & support him and cheer him on. I love photography, cooking, thrifting, painting, etc. My kids have their own activities that keep us busy as well. I love fixing up my home & I feel so proud of myself when I start w/ basically nothing/junk & make something pretty for my home. When friends & family come over and compliment my finished projects, I’m beaming. *smile*
What is your blog about?
Fixing up my home on the fast, cheap & easy! I’ve been using my glue gun & fixing up things on my own before there were blogs! I just thought I was weird/cheap. Who knew I was actually kinda trendy. *giggle*
When do you find the time to blog?
Hm. Haven’t been blogging long enough to answer that. So far, I leave Live Writer open on my laptop. I just go & get what I can done minutes at a time.
Why do you love blogging?
I’ve noticed that I’m wanting to get my projects around here done. Faster. I must admit, I’m horrible when it comes to finishing a project. Sigh.
What is your favorite post so far that you've written?
The first one…because I finally started blogging!
Some pics of our family….
My gorgeous daughter Shana. The other chick is me.
My oldest son. My sweet & handsome Chase.
My husband, Randy.
My cutie pie, Tyler.
Aidan, the comedian of our family. Heart this lil man!
And my baby, Ethan. He’s our wild child.
So there ya go. It was so sweet of you to stop by! I hope you’ll leave a comment so I can come check out your blog!

Pretty Shabby Chic Laptop Skin On The Cheap


Lookie here. Lookie here. I found some gorgeous goodies at Michael’s last weekend! They’re from the Shabby Chic Tresures line. Just so pretty! I know they’ve been out for awhile now but I haven’t been to Michael’s in forever. So they made my heart pitter patter when I saw them! At first I thought they were wrapping paper. But nope, they’re shelf liner paper. Cool, huh? I had no idea what I was going to do with them. Late last night while blog browsing, I came across the cutest idea! Use contact shelf paper to make your own laptop skin. (Sorry, I can’t remember what blog it was on.) So here’s the pretty contact paper..(& the exacto knife I used)….



I used the large floral print & have lots left over from that roll!

& here ya go….my pretty Shabby Chic laptop!




I did this in about 5…maybe ten minutes, tops! It’s not a perfect cut as I just slapped it on there & used my exacto knife to cut around the edges. Regardless, I love it! The rolls are regularly $3.00 each but were 40% off that day. So for change, I now have a new floral laptop skin!


Thought I’d share some of the other Shabby Chic goodies I purchased…

Shabby Chic note cards.


Shabby Chic floral glass magnets.


I’m sure I’ll be using the contact paper for lots of things. I think I’m going to go pick up some more. It would make gorgeous wrapping paper!

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Wow! Lots of learning to do!

I’m trying to figure out all this blogger stuff. Such as, background, header, and lots of other things I don’t understand! Thank goodness there’s so many wonderful bloggers out there with some awesome tutorials! So, if by chance you happened to stop by my blog & wondered “is this girl completely insane?”…, I am not. Not completely. Just learning how to tweak things & get them all prettied up to my liking. I’m slowly getting there. But THANK YOU for stopping by…even if it was just by accident. *smile*

& also, those sweeeeeeeet gals that left comments on my very first blogging post ever…I love you! Ha. You seriously made my day/night/week/year! I was seriously so tickled that someone actually commented on my blog! Ya think every blogger feels that way at first?

Here’s a pic of my baby, Ethan. WHY, you ask? Because I have a blog now! & I can! Yay!


Sunday, July 17, 2011

A chair...and taking a leap!

I've wanted to blog about my decorating, crafting, shopping, thrifting trips for years. Yes, YEARS. Why haven't I? Well, I've always told myself that I don't have enough time right now. Or I'll do it when I get this or that done. And what if nobody reads my blog. AND...WHAT yeah, you get the idea. I've talked myself out of doing something I really wanted to do. I knew I’d enjoy it. I’ve missed out on so many fun blog makeover parties.  I want to have a place to look back on all I’ve accomplished. Big & small. Soooo, I'm jumping in right here & now!

So without further ado, here's some before & after pics of a cute lil vintage rocking chair I purchased from the Salvation Army for $15.00.


Before…she’s a lil sad & tired. Definitely seen better days.before_picnik


And after…all pretty-fied & shabbied up to sweet cottage  style perfection!  I used a king size Shabby Chic duvet I purchased for $10.00 & scrap fabric. Still have over half the fabric from the duvet left. The trim was purchased at a garage sale for $1.00.




So go me! I have my first real blog post! Yay!

Crossing my fingers that someone actually reads it! Ha!

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