Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Fast & Easy Wall Hanging With Cheap Cabinet Doors

I recently purchased two doors at a garage sale for 25 cents each. Yep, a big ole whoppin’ fifty cents for both of them. I have no idea what they once were part of. But regardless, here they are….


I was thinking of painting them black & using them as picture frames in my kids’ bathroom. Change of plans. I was wanting to do a new blog post but with my boys being sick with a summer cold, along with this mama having way too many projects going on, my new little blog got put on the back burner for a few days. Is blogging something we’re suppose to do all the time? Sheesh. I have so much to learn! So anyway, I’ve decided to make some quick & easy…although no way near perfect wall hangings. They’re going to go above my small hutch in the kitchen.

Small disclaimer: It’s late at night, kids are asleep, mama’s sleepy…so keep this in mind. This is a super quick project here. Way less than 30 minutes! I would have liked to painted the cabinets/doors/whatever they are. But oh well…

Here’s the hutch that they’ll go above (and yes, I have quite *busy* taste)…



I have scrapbook paper lining the back of my hutch so I decided to use the same paper in the doors. Here’s a closeup of the inside of the hutch.




I used this paper, some double-sided tape, scissors (yes, those are my hair-cuttin’ scissors. I grabbed what I could find. Ha.)…




No measuring. Like I said, I did this fassst. Just kinda placed the scrapbook paper in there & folded it.




Here’s a close up after I slapped the scrapbook paper in the doors. That hole where the knob belongs was annoying me.




So I grabbed some trim…




And my glue gun….




Ahh. Much much better. I only put 3 teeny tiny dots of hot glue to hold the trim. This will not be an heirloom or precious piece of art so I’m gonna rip that trim off later & use it again.




I’m likin’ them.





Here they are all done & up on the walls.

Makes my ceiling seem taller. Since I used the same scrapbook paper as in the hutch, it kinda draws the eye upward.

It’ll be fun to change out the paper & trim for fall.







Do I know that those finial things on my curtain rods look really odd? Yes. Yes, I do. I can live with it for now though. Just pretend they’re not sticking out all crazy like. :)


Thanks bunches for stopping by!


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  1. Love it! Gives lots of color and warmth above your cabinet. Diane

  2. very pretty, I love your colorful dishes

  3. I like your "busy" style. They look great.

  4. LOVE!!! My style is so similar to yours I could sit in that little nook with a cup of coffee and enjoy taking in all girly decor all day :)

  5. Oh I love your home and idea's....I am inspired to change thing's a bit at my house. I love the Mary Englbriet look also.
    Love your blog.

  6. Nice re-do. I've been seeing your name lots around Pinterest today. Don't you love it?

  7. Thank ya'll very much for the sweet comments!

  8. You make "busy" look good! (I love that style too, especially like the pops of black and polka dots contrasting with the pastels).

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment- i just ran across your blog the other day (the patchwork rocker redo) and now back again from the comment you left, saw this cuteness and said "self, you must scubscribe to this girl!" :)

  9. It looks beautiful! I'm all for fast crafting because I have a billion projects going on at the same time ALL the time!