Saturday, July 23, 2011

Stylin’ Pumpkin Babies

The other day I finally got off my booty & replanted some plants on the porch. While my green thumb was actually in busy mode I started looking for anything that needed to be spruced up, as far as my plants go. I remembered we had a pack of mini pumpkin seeds that we never planted a few months ago. I had these Juicy Couture teacups that I purchased from my favorite thrift shop.They were PENNIES each. Seriously, I think I paid like five cents each for them. Here’s the thing…there’s a small hole in the bottom of each one. I have no idea what these were originally made for. Surely not for drinking tea…or drinking anything for that matter. They were sitting in my hutch in the kitchen for a while (just because they’re so dang cute). Anyway, I had a brilliant idea while on my gardening kick & here they are…the sweetest, most glamorous little planters ya ever did see!
OH! And after three days they’ve already sprouted! I just hope they get big enough for the boys to enjoy by Halloween!
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