Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Wow! Lots of learning to do!

I’m trying to figure out all this blogger stuff. Such as, background, header, and lots of other things I don’t understand! Thank goodness there’s so many wonderful bloggers out there with some awesome tutorials! So, if by chance you happened to stop by my blog & wondered “is this girl completely insane?”…..no, I am not. Not completely. Just learning how to tweak things & get them all prettied up to my liking. I’m slowly getting there. But THANK YOU for stopping by…even if it was just by accident. *smile*

& also, those sweeeeeeeet gals that left comments on my very first blogging post ever…I love you! Ha. You seriously made my day/night/week/year! I was seriously so tickled that someone actually commented on my blog! Ya think every blogger feels that way at first?

Here’s a pic of my baby, Ethan. WHY, you ask? Because I have a blog now! & I can! Yay!



  1. Thanks for stopping by Our Life's Legacy and for becoming my newest follower! You'll get the blog thing figured out- just have fun with it! :)

  2. Thanks for coming by The Southern Lady Cooks and welcome to the blogging world. Your son is absolutely adorable. Your blog looks great.

  3. Thank you Dana! & Thank you Southern Lady Cooks!